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The Pretreatment Committee shares information about pretreatment related issues with fellow members. The committee also keeps members aware of new regulations as they apply to municipal pretreatment.  The committee works with both regulators and the industrial community to ensure that municipal treatment plants and the waters of the state are protected from harmful discharges.  The committee provides at least one annual training opportunity to IWEA members and interested parties.  Assistance is provided by the committee to anyone with questions related to pretreatment issues in the State of Indiana with respect to Federal and State pretreatment regulations

Cheryl Carlson : Committee Vice Chair

Cheryl Carlson

Committee Vice Chair
Mark Curtis : Committee Secretary

Mark Curtis

Committee Secretary

Tamara Roberts : Committee Chair

Tamara Roberts

Committee Chair



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Upcoming Committee Meetings

All meetings are from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

10/5/17 – City of Lafayette Wastewater Treatment Plant

12/7/17 – Clay Township Regional Waste District


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