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The overall purpose of the IWEA Safety Committee is to help create a safer work environment for workers in the Water Environment field.  We achieve this by providing Safety Education, Information, and increasing Safety Awareness.

Benefits of participating in the IWEA Safety Committee:

Loren Prange : Safety Co-Chair

Loren Prange

Safety Co-Chair


Excellence in Safety Award

Safety Awards of Merit may be given to municipal facilities for Class I, II, III, IV, and industrial facilities. This program is designed to give recognition to all plants which grade high in merit points to such an extent that a plant may sustain a minimum of loss-time accidents and with a good point record could still be eligible for a safety award. Safety experience of each plant will be compiled by the committee and recommendations for awards shall be based on merit points and by accident experience of each plant recorded by the plant superintendent on the year-end safety report.



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