Certified Pretreatment Coordinator Course - Indiana WEA

Certified Pretreatment Coordinator Course

IWEA will be offering the opportunity to attend a full-day course during the annual conference on Wednesday, August 15th beginning at 8:00 AM. to earn a certified pretreatment coordinator designation. The course will conclude at 4:00 PM.

Registration is closed. If you have any questions please contact Kylee Daily

Certified Pretreatment Coordinator

Scope & Purpose:  This certification verifies an individual holds in-depth knowledge Pretreatment Program regulations and implementation.  An individual holding the CPC certification contains a deep knowledge of wastewater discharge permits and understands how to write complex permits, including complex calculations, such as the Combined Wastestream Formula and alternatives to production-based limits.  The individual understands how to implement and write an enforcement response plan.   The individual knows how to manage and enforce programs and processes governed by Best Management Practices, such as FOG programs.

Topics/Courses:  Wastewater Discharge Permit, Enforcement Response Plan, Wastestream Calculations, Calculation of Local Limits, Significant Non-Compliance, Significant Non-Compliance Calculations (All courses should be based on 40 CFR 403 and EPA guidance where applicable)

Experience Requirement:  Completion of one of the following: RPC and 1 year work experience, 2 years work experience as a Pretreatment Coordinator, 3 years work experience in a related environmental position overseeing a Pretreatment Program, or 5 years work experience in a related environmental position

CEU Credits: The course is pending 8 technical wastewater credits.

Registration for this course is closed.