Water & Sewer Construction Observation Course - Indiana WEA

Water & Sewer Construction Observation Course

Tuesday February 6th - Thursday February 8th @ 07:30 AM to 05:00 PM

This course provides a basic overview of inspection and observation requirements for sewer and water construction. It is taught from the Inspection Manual for Sewer and Water Construction which was prepared by the IWEA Collection Systems Committee and IUPUI. Each person successfully completing the course (70% or higher on the final exam) will receive a Certificate from the IWEA.

Who Should Attend
The course is intended for people involved in construction inspection or construction supervision, whether employed by a municipality, engineering firm, utility or construction firm.

Pending 20 PDHs | 24 T Drinking Water | 18 T 6G Wastewater

Registration for this event is sold out. IWEA can no longer accept any more registrants for this course.