Core Conference - Indiana WEA

Core Conference

Wednesday, Mar 11 @ 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

The Core Conference will be hosted by the IWEA Laboratory, Operations & Maintenance, and Residuals & Resource Recovery (and Workforce Development and Safety) Committees on March 11th at Valle Vista in Greenwood, Indiana. Forum topics will provide a discussion on the core aspects of wastewater treatment: research, new technologies, operational and/or maintenance case studies, residuals management, resource recovery, laboratory, safety, and workforce development.

Abstracts are now being accepted and all ideas are welcome! Some topic ideas include:

Resource Recovery

  • Nutrient recovery
  • Energy savings and production
  • Emerging / Evolving Issues & Opportunities
  • Case Studies
  • Land application of effluent, nutrients, biosolids, and drinking water residuals
  • Alternatives to Land Application

Contaminant Removal

  • Microcystins or other related research to harmful algal blooms
  • Emerging contaminants (PFOS/PFOA, Bacteria, Viruses)
  • Pharmaceutical disposal and waste


  • Testing for emerging contaminants
  • Analyzing Nitrogen (methods and interpretation of results)
  • Microscopy and/or DNA analysis of microbes
  • Gas sampling and analysis
  • Analysis of hauled septage (sampling and interpretation of results)
  • Aerobic digester analysis and interpretation of results
  • Process control analyses (MLVSS, TSVS, SVI, SDI, etc.)
  • In-situ meter validation and correlation studies

 Operations and Maintenance

  • Emerging / Evolving Issues & Opportunities
  • New treatment and/or maintenance technologies
  • Climate effects on nutrient removal
  • Chemical and biological phosphorus removal process control
  • Unique wastewater treatment practices
  • Managing air within the treatment processes (DO, mixing, power costs, air loss, etc.)
  • Effective facility maintenance management (case studies, asset management)
  • Regulatory reporting and managing permits


  • Safety strategies for WWTP personnel
  • Designing for safety (handrails, grating, fall protection)
  • Industrial hygiene (exposures, inhalants)
  • Confined space within a WWTP
  • Buried utility conflicts within a WWTP


  • Managing knowledge transfer with retiring workforce
  • Administrative approaches to strong workforces
  • YP perspective on workforce issues

Call for Abstracts will open at the end of September. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.