Rain Barrel Auction – Barrel #9-Boys & Girls Club-Shelbyville, IN - Indiana WEA

Rain Barrel Auction – Barrel #9-Boys & Girls Club-Shelbyville, IN

Thanks for your interest in our rain barrel auction.

Below you’ll find a directory that lists all bids for this barrel. The most recent bid will be on top.  Please make your next bid at least $10 higher than the current highest bid.
The minimum opening bid is $20.00.

A photo of the barrel that you’re bidding on is below as well as the form to complete your bid. Best of luck!

*Please note Girl Scouts of Indianapolis barrels were painted by different troops around the Indianapolis area.

Amy Villavicencio$30.00
Amie Peele Carter$20.00


Rain Barrel Auction- #9-Boys & Girls Club-Shelbyville, IN

  • Please see the list at the top of this page to confirm what the current high bid is. Your bid should be at least $10 higher than then current highest bid. IWEA reserves the right to delete entries that don't adhere to the $10 increase in bids.
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