Indiana Industrial Operators Association - Indiana WEA

Indiana Industrial Operators Association

The Indiana Industrial Operators Association, Inc. (IIOA) is an individual-membership, non-profit professional society, dedicated to the advancement in the profession of wastewater treatment. IIOA fosters this advancement through comprehensive educational programs that benefit everyone involved in this widely diversified industry, along with efforts to educate the community in its outreach programs. The primary mission of IIOA is to serve professionals in wastewater treatment, to benefit industry and society through education, information and social involvement. Membership is open to all wastewater professionals and those who provide services, supplies, equipment and support to the industry.

President: James Collins
Vice President: Brad Crowe, Sr.
Treasurer: Stephen Spurgeon
Secretary: Martha Martin
IIOA Representative to the IWEA Executive Board: Dave Taylor –
Membership: $50/Year


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