Laboratory Excellence Award Application - Indiana WEA

Laboratory Excellence Award Application

The Laboratory Excellence Award is given in the form of a plaque to be awarded for outstanding achievement in the implementation of laboratory technique and administration. The awards may be given to municipal facilities for each classification (I, II, III, IV [a] < 10 MGD and IV [b] > 10 MGD).

Candidates for the award shall be determined by the Laboratory Committee and is based upon a graded evaluation of their criteria.  Candidates must complete the Laboratory Excellence Award Application and be inspected by a member of the Laboratory committee to be eligible for the Laboratory Excellence Award. To receive an excellence award, the laboratory must score 85% or higher in each category as well as an overall score of 90% or higher.

Annually, a member of the Laboratory Committee will travel to labs around the State to conduct thorough lab audits.  These audits are similar to the audits performed by IDEM inspectors except these audits are conducted only in labs who voluntary participate. The audits serve as an excellent tool for hands-on consulting in your actual laboratory.

The IWEA laboratory committee is accepting applications for the Laboratory Excellence Award. To submit an application to receive your lab audit, please complete the form below. You must complete the form no later than February 28th. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

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