COVID-19 Update


The Indiana Water Environment Association is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. IWEA is aware of the uncertainties that stretch before us and public health protection is our number one concern. IWEA has implemented precautions, such as providing hand sanitizer for everyone and are continuously working with the Grand Wayne Convention Center to ensure the IWEA Annual Conference abides by the proper protocols to protect the safety and health of our attendees.

As of today, July 13th, the IWEA Annual Conference will take place on August 26th-28th at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne. We are optimistic we will be able to come together and celebrate another successful conference. We are aware protocols, and executive orders are rapidly changing. If we must reevaluate the timing of the conference, please rest assured IWEA will keep our members’ health and safety at the forefront of our decision.

We ask you to remain aware as IWEA continues to update our membership. If for any reason our August date must be changed, we have a date in December held with the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We will inform all attendees no later than August 3rd of the IWEA’s decision.

We are grateful for our members and their patience as we navigate uncharted territory. Our organization has become family, and we understand the IWEA Annual Conference is more than a 3-day line-up of remarkable educational opportunities. The IWEA Annual Conference has become a reunion for our family to rekindle old friendships and forge new. The IWEA Staff and leadership are excited to move forth with the 2020 IWEA Annual Conference. We look forward to seeing you.

If you have any questions about the IWEA Annual Conference, please contact at

IWEA Staff & Leadership

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