Honorary Membership Award

An Honorary Member shall be a person of acknowledged eminence in one or more fields of activity within the scope of the stated objectives of the Association. Candidates may be nominated by the Awards Committee, but can be elected only by favorable secret ballot of the Executive Committee. One negative vote would exclude. Requirements: The qualifications for honorary membership are set forth in Article I, Section 4, of the By-Laws and Exempts Payment of National and State Dues. The Awards Committee, when deemed appropriate, may recommend a present or past recipient of this state award for nomination to the National Honorary Membership Award. Actual nomination to the National award shall require a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee and a favorable vote of the membership at the annual state meeting. Honorary Members shall be elected for life, pay no Association or Federation dues and shall receive all the publications of the Association and Federation for regular membership at no cost to the awardee. No election to Honorary Membership shall be made which would cause the total number of living Honorary Members to exceed a ratio of one to every fifty active members. Not more than one Honorary Member shall be elected in any one administrative year.

Any member of the Indiana Water Environment Association is eligible to receive the award.
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