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Leadership Development Institute


The IWEA Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is the first step to combat the increasing workforce shortage impacting the water industry. As seasoned water professionals begin to retire from the water industry growing need to cultivate new talent is evident more than ever. The Workforce Development Committee was tasked with creating an opportunity to cultivate generations for the future of the water industry. LDI is a 12-month course where students will meet once a month to dive deep into topics ranging from communications, human resources, and organizational leadership. Each course has been handpicked and developed to cultivate the future of our water industry.

Please note, the final stages of launching the Leadership Development Institute is approaching. More information will be available soon for applicants. 

Interested in becoming an LDI instructor? The IWEA Leadership Institute is currently seeking qualified water professionals who are willing to grow and lead the water leaders of tomorrow. Most classes will begin at 9:00 AM and end around 3:00 or 4:00 PM. The application will ask you to identify which courses you are interested in teaching. If you have multiple areas of expertise, please choose each course you would be comfortable committing to teaching. Signing up for multiple courses does not commit yourself to each of those courses. If you are interested in becoming an instructor for the LDI, please submit your application below. 



Interested in participating in the course? IWEA is proud to launch our Leadership Development Institute, and we are excited you are interested in joining the first class. Student applications will open on April 14th and close May 29th. Continue checking back for more information on course objectives, outlines, and cost. 

Have questions about the program or need additional details? Please contact Kate Martin.


Introductions and Self-Evaluation | September 15, 2020
Students will take an assessment and understand how their personality fits into a team environment.

Leadership Styles and Philosophy | October 13, 2020
Students will explore different leadership styles and philosophies to understand what works best in their organization.

Developing Your Teams | November 10, 2020
Students will explore topics such as KPIs, the importance of celebrating successes, and creating a culture of feedback.

Organizational Planning and Strategy | December 8, 2020
 Students will perform SWOT Analysis and hear practical applications of planning and strategy from a panel of leaders.

Human Resources | January 12, 2021
 Students will explore HR basics and the importance of hiring and inspiring quality talent.

External Communication | February 9, 2021
Students will learn the importance of marketing and messaging to external audiences.

Internal Communication | March 9, 2021
Students will be exposed to public speaking and learn the basics of interpersonal communication and non-verbal communication.

Business and Finance | April 13, 2021
Students will learn business and finance basics of their organizations.

Reproducing Leaders Within and Succession Planning | June 8, 2020
Students will learn best practices for identifying, motivating and retaining quality employees.

Curriculum Recap | July 13, 2021
Students will compile and strategize KPIs to influence their organization after graduating from the course.

** Classes are subject to change **