IWEA/INAWWA Young Professionals Mentor Program

According to a Water World report released in 2020, nearly 3 million workers will need to be replaced over the next decade due to retirements in the water industry. To put in perspective this is roughly one-third of the total national workforce. As individuals apart of the water industry, this is not a new concept to wrap our heads around. The future of the water industry is in each individual’s hands, and it is up to you to fight for the future of water, and there is no better place to start than with the young professionals of our industry.

The IWEA and INAWWA Young Professionals (YP) Committee has created a Mentor Program to help bridge the gap between young and seasoned professionals and create a dialogue that will propel the young professional forward in their career. A YP in any industry is inundated with multiple obstacles, whether there are deciding to obtain further licensing, a graduate degree, or switch careers entirely, there are multiple decisions and obstacles a YP must navigate as they begin their career. We want our YPs to fall in love with the water industry and learn water is worth fighting for! This is where the pairing of young and seasoned professionals will cultivate a unique relationship that will help the young professional navigate the water industry and hopefully stay in the industry.

AS A MENTOR you will provide guidance to a YP as they navigate the path of their professional career and establish themselves as experts in the water industry. As the demand for young professionals continues to grow in the water industry, there is no better time than now to invest in the future of water, which begins with our young professionals.

AS A MENTEE navigating any profession can be difficult, and we want to ensure you feel secure in your career choice. Unsure if you should sit for your operator’s license? Your mentor can help! Are you ready for your P.E.? Your mentor can help! You will be paired with an expert in the water industry who is willing to provide your guidance as you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Interested in being a mentee or mentor? View the mentor responsibilities here and the mentee responsibilities here.

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